I got spammed by Orly Taitz

This is probably the case in my life when more than any other time, res ipsa loquitor. I get spammed by crazy people all the time, I’ve had the hyperworx.com domain since… ’96 was it? Anyway, at the time Internic, which went on to become NetSol, required a NIC, which was registered to your email address. At the time I was working full time in the budding ISP business and as a result several hundred domains were registered with my NIC as the technical contact. When I left that company, I of course updated my NIC… which, well… I get a lot of spam.

So, Orly, I won’t be contacting you on this. I’m sorry, but we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one.

You can see the email here in the form of a PDF. Thanks for making my Holiday, Orly.